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The Armageddon Theories

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. Dehumanized
2. Visionaire (Angelic Possession)
3. Armageddon Theories Phase I - Prophecies
4. Armageddon Theories Phase II - Carnage Earth
5. Armageddon Theories Phase III - Departure
6. Armageddon Theories Phase IV - Embryo
7. Armageddon Theories Phase V - Posthuman Era
8. Embodied For War

Review by Adam on October 6, 2001.

Lets play a little game shall we!? It is your job to try and figure out where this band is from with the following clues I am about to give you. Number 1: They are an awsome, techincal as hell death/thrash band. Number 2: Their latest opus is dark yet extremely melodic. Any ideas? Well if said that these guys were from Sweden then guess what... YOUR RIGHT!

Well its not everyday we discover a great new band from Sweden...wait a minute, What am I saying?... It IS everyday! However, Theory In Practice are not your normal predictable Swedish export. These guys have one of the most insane sounds ever recorded by three musicians. Think of the non stop time changes of bands like Dillinger Escape Plan mixed with the dark overtones of black metal behind a thick wall of extremely technical death/thrash metal and then you will have an idea of what Theory In Practice have made with The Armageddon Theories.

One must actually experience the album firsthand; however, to get the full picture that Theory In Practice paint for the unsuspecting listener. It is a chaotic portrait with its own sense of dismal and sinister beauty which could only be created by these Sweds. Peter Lake absolutly shreds on the axe doing all the guitar parts for the album and writing all the material as well. The bass and keyboards on the record are expertly handled by Mattias Engstrand, and both the extreme vocals and inhuman drum tracks are executed by a man by the name of Henrik Ohlsson.

This record is definetly a rare gem within the huge and over crowded Swedish extreme metal realm. It has something for basically every type of metal fan out there and the intensity to kick any person directly in the ass and leave him or her sore for the rest of their lives. My advice to the person reading this review right now is to leave your house immediatly to pick up this cd. No metalhead is to be without The Armageddon Theories!

Bottom Line: Records like this are what the bottom line is all about! Buy this!...Buy it now!

Rating: 9 out of 10