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Karma Obscura

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Karma Obscura

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 26th, 2013
Genre: Death
1. The Prelude To Annihilation
2. Renewal Through Collapse
3. The Nightmare Of Your God
4. After Death
5. Renegade
6. Veil Of Obliteration
7. Spiral Of Extinction
8. The Edge Of Depravity
9. Awakening Of Masses

Review by Krys on July 3, 2013.

At last. This album was originally scheduled to be released in 2012 and after much pain and suffering it finally saw the daylight in 2013. I was starting to lose my patience after so many visits to band's web site and seeing no updates but they say good things come to those who wait and in this case it can't be more true. 3 years after "Archetype of Chaos" Trauma returns with one of the best records in band's glorious discography. First thing that comes to mind is 'different' - good different. After 7 records with non stop assault "Karma Obscura" delivers marvelous mix of modern groove with old school death metal.

And how does it sound? It sounds like a tank going 100 miles per hour. It's really hard to put a finger on one or two aspects that make this difference. Every time you start to get into mid tempo grooves they switch to blasts and even then guitars seem to do their own thing and continue to play at their own pace creating this uncompromizing music experiance that feels like pounding with very heavy hammer at really fast rate. Those slow tempos are nothing new to Trauma but this time the whole album creates very cohesive and mature effect that builds this overall grandiose atmosphere. Combine this with most complete song structures in band's history and the highest level of musicianship and you get something that will thump your senses for months to come.

At the time of this writing the whole album is available for streaming here, so go ahead and get a taste of one of the best albums of 2013. I'm taking off few decimal points cause now I fell like the true masterpiece is yet to come.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 10
Atmosphere: 10
Production: 10
Originality: 9
Overall: 9

Rating: 9.6 out of 10