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Hungary Country of Origin: Hungary


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Release Date: 2010
Genre: Doom, Rock
1. Double Dealer
2. Long Hard Mile
3. Deal With Or Do Without
4. When You Climb Up The Ladder
5. 941028
6. A Shipload Of Tricks
7. Unified Theory
8. Queen Of The Octopy
10. Soul Squeezer

Review by JD on March 16, 2012.

I love when I go into listening to an album, expecting basically nothing with the album but to hear some music and end up getting my mind blown many times. It rarely has happened for me, but I still remember each one of those albums with a fondness and most of those bands are still a major influence on my music and writings to this day. That is how I was feeling going into hearing Stereochrist.

Like a musical Frankenstein lumbering through the night, Stereochrist is collectively a carefully crafted mashing of varied musical parts. Influences added in are down and dirty Southern Rock, heavy Doom then add in some straight head stuff like Priestess then a whole load of Kylesa, Crowbar and Black Sabbath round out the sound. It is these varied musical parts, coupled with a band that has a knack for blending all of these puzzle pieces into something that is, talented and heavy, creating what I like to call Southern fried Doom Metal with Thrash on the side.

Ten perfectly crafted songs make up the Stereochrist album here and that means that there is ten times they show just how good of a band they are. No matter what track you pick to listen to, they come at you with style that blows your head off of your body. My personal favourite is the massively heavy track 'The Long Hard Mile'. Thunderously heavy, great lyrics and powerfully musical with a groove that stick in your head. Metal heaven.

It is not any secret that I am a Doom Metal fanatic. Hell, I play in a Doom band, this is good music from a very stellar band. This may not be Doom Metal from start to finish, and have may other things going on - but when its Doomy, slow and heavy, it is very good. And when it is not Doom, its still fucking good too. Thank you Stereochrist.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Production: 9
Overall: 9

Rating: 8.9 out of 10