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The Rising

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The Rising
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Release Date: 2012
Label: Self Released
Genre: Black, Gore, Grind
1. The Rising
3. The Prophesy
4. Black Lightning Rapture
5. Grim
6. Obscene Deformities
7. Satan's Army
8. Unholy Sonata
9. Desolation
10. Carrion
11. Feast Upon Flesh
12. Blasphemous Insidious
13. Din
14. Z-Day

Review by JD on May 15, 2012.

Unsigned bands are the backbone of metal, I have said that -and stand behind it one hundred percent. Many bands have come along, fuelled my imagination - and they then go on to become major influences on the next batches of bands. That is how you keep music growing and advancing to the next level.

Undead Pandemic is a one man Gore/Grind band from the UK. It is a work of sonic destruction that has this not-too-subtle Black Metal vibe going through it. With all of this going, you think this band has some great possibilities ... in truth, it is a project that fails to deliver on every aspect. It is pure noise, and not the good Noisecore or others, it is purely noise.

With fourteen tracks on the album - it was fourteen purely uninspired attempts at making Extreme Metal which falls into the category of just being plainly shit. Listening to the album, you can't ignore the non existent recording values, the absurd use of over amounts of synthesisers and the over usage of sampling. Let us talk about the bad arrangements which slaps Extreme Metal, as well as all other Extreme styles in the face. I like heavy noisy music, but this is like sitting down and listening to a garbage disposal for three days straight.

Whoever this Ben Murphy is... a word to you. Either learn how to write music, or simply stop. Do the metal world a service, and get a job digging ditches or something - leave the music to people who have talent and drive to make it all happen. You make metal look like just noise, you make the underground music scene look that way too. Let us who know what we are doing do the work.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 0
Production: 0
Originality: 0
Overall: 1

Rating: 0.4 out of 10