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Post Momentary Affliction

Australia Country of Origin: Australia

1. Allusions From The Valley Of Darkness
2. From The Valley Of Shadows
3. Human Condition
4. Distarnish Priest
5. Black Lion Of The Mind
6. Grind Planetarium
7. Pride Sanitarium (Reprise)
8. Overseer
9. This Momentery Affliction
10. Flight Of Victory
11. Impulsation
12. Liquid Assets
13. Vital Fluids
14. The Sea Of Forgetfullness

Review by Jack on August 30, 2001.

Mortification are a Christian death metal band plucked from the very gates of heaven. Hailing from Australia (in Victoria somewhere). Well they play boring riffs and have stock-standard death grunts and some weird King Diamond vocal thing. Steve Rowe is a real cool bloke, and the rest of the band is pretty decent live, but unfortunately they play pretty boring music.

It's not that I’m anti-Christian or anything (not anti-religious in any way), but where Mortification fail is because they incorporate music to their musings of Christian experiences. If you wanted some rather alternative poetry, the bulk of the Mortification discography would suffice your needs endlessly. Just adding metal to Christian folklore is wrong and unjust. Metal ain’t a religious scene really (that goes for Pagan beliefs too).

There is one outstanding track on this very ho-hum album. ‘Grind Planetarium’ which is only outstanding because it uses good riffs and nifty bass work, something Mortification are in dire need of.

Bottom Line: There is nothing at all to promote buying “Post Momentary Affliction”, unless you feel you’re not as well versed in your scripture passages in which case, you can pocket the CD booklet, and use instead of your pocket bible.

Rating: 5 out of 10