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Money, Sex & Power

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Money, Sex & Power
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Release Date: 2012
Genre: Heavy
1. Money, Sex & Power
3. Operation Supernova
4. Sex Is War
5. Club 27
6. Dinosaurs Are Still Alive
7. She's A Killer
8. Sleaze Deluxe
9. Ego-Shooter
10. Six Feet Under

Review by JD on May 30, 2012.

Back in the day, when everyone was into LA Guns, Poison and Faster Pussycat, I was a balls-to-the-wall thrasher into Slayer, Venom and Testament. Now that I am older, I have more respect for the ‘Hair Spray’ metal movement - and listen to some, but still love the whole Thrash/Doom/Speed metal. Now in 2012, I think I have found the band that just might have made me more into that scene if they were back then... and their name is Kissin’ Dynamite.

German born and made from the love of all of the decadent Hair Metal goodness of the 80's, they seem to have created the sound, and then kicked it into the modern age with a jolt. Sounding like a paring of Guns‘n’Roses and Motley Crue with old school metal played by experienced and hungry musicians... they take the feel of that whole scene and make it truly Headbanger friendly as it is as heavy as it is sleazy. No politicaly angled lyrics here, just party-time rock played at its trashy best.

Starting the album off is the party anthem title track, a booze soaked ode to the Crue with some Nitro added in for kick. A song that makes you want to headbang like mad while you sing along. Other notable tracks are the trashy and boogie blues of 'Sex Is War' to the surprising power ballad 'Club 27' dedicated to all of those rockers that have left us too early. All of these songs from start to finish has been crafted to be down and dirty, cock strutting boisterous Rock and Roll at its over-the-top decadent best.

The Hair Metal scene could have used Kissin’ Dynamite to bring in the true metallers to the fold back in the day as these guys rock hard and yet have so much talent to spare as well. I loved every minute of this album, and I can actually say that they have made the 80's better, now that they have injected some power into it. Buy a case of beer, invite every one over to party and play this album full blast- the party will just take care of its self after that.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 9.5
Production: 9
Originality: 9
Overall: 9.5

Rating: 9.2 out of 10