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All Hell Breaks Loose

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

All Hell Breaks Loose
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 25th, 2000
Genre: Thrash
1. Intro
2. The Final Curtain
3. Machinery Of Lies
4. Tears Of Blood
5. Devastation Of Your Soul
6. The Butcher Strikes Back
7. World Domination Of Pain
8. Extreme Measure
9. All Hell Breaks Loose
10. Total Desaster
11. Visual Prostitution
12. Kingdom Of Damnation

Review by Death8699 on December 1, 2018.

After about a decade of silence by the band with Schmier not in the lineup, Destruction's main vocalist/bass guitarist is back! This was of course taking place in 2000. Destruction just wasn't the same without him. His unique vocals meshed so well with the Destruction of the old. Good to have him return, especially with this 2000 release declaring war when it comes to thrash metal, Destruction's divine genre.

The album opens with a clean guitar by Mike, then bam, the riffs that we once knew that he created are back in full force. Catchy, not boring, original, not copying anyone, and crunch tone that was more so effective as in the past. The whole album is like that. Crunch tone guitar and killer vocals by Schmier define Destruction as a whole. Mike still needs to brush up on his leads though. That was the only real bad thing to say about the album. I still think that this band was better as a quartet with Harry in the band. His leads were very advanced and wicked. It especially showed in "Live Without Sense". But Mike's leads have improved somewhat, though I think that it should mainly be rhythm guitar with not so many leads on the album. I was glad that he didn't go overboard on this album. The rhythms just dominated, really great to have this band back with some awesome thrash!

Energy stricken music with songs just dishing out pure unique thrash metal. I absolutely loved the mixing and production. Everything was all just right. The bass, vocals, guitar, and drums. A superb job in that department. Nothing left out at all. This is an album that you can listen to over and over without getting sick of it. The butcher definitely stuck back with a vengeance!

Overall, this is one hell of a comeback album. If you're a fan of thrash metal and haven't heard this one yet, check out "Machinery of Lies". If you think I'm full of it, then just listen and you will hear pure original thrash metal that is totally awesome. Good cover of Metallica's "Whiplash" as well. Great to have this band back in full force!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10