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Dark Reign

Luxembourg Country of Origin: Luxembourg

2. My Battlefield
3. From Fool To King
4. Game Over
5. Face Of Evil
6. Dark Reign
7. Follow The Order
8. A Tale Of Hate
9. Prince Of The Night
10. Tenfold
11. My Empire Coming Down
12. Scarlet (Demo - Bonus Track)

Review by JD on August 7, 2012.

I see by the bio of this band Scarlet Anger, I have my second Luxembourg based metal band in barely a few weeks. I am thinking that the Metal Gods are trying to tel me something. Sleepers Guilt was my first band I reviewed from this very small country (Rating was 7.4) and I liked that one to a point, then I was handed Scarlet Anger. I put it on, and then my smile could not be quelled.

As straight forward as the music of Scarlet Anger is the explanation of what this band is will be easier still. This is without a doubt old school, balls fucking out, anger fed full out headbanging Thrash Metal played the way it was back when the Big Four were all not-so-well known and were hungry to Thrash our asses off and wanted it really badly to take over the hair spray shit that was calling itself metal. With this Luxembourgian band, you get all that Old Thrash goodness with a fresh set of balls driving it to greater levels that ever before.

Intense riffs, vocals that are a perfect balancing act between shouted and growled and a rhythm section that keeps the Scarlet Anger engine running on all cylinders. Good examples of their prowess are 'New God Rising' with its galloping guitars and thunder bass to the vocal explosive chaos of 'Face Of Evil'. These guys are the poster boys for the return of perfect old styled Thrash. Dispite at time repeating a riff a time or two in another song, this album flat out hits ever note like it was its last.

If there could be better production values, a little more experience and getting a major label’s push, Scarlet Anger just may get very damned close to being in the same league as the Big Four of Thrash. Nobody now could ever ignore these facts any longer: Thrash is not at all close to being dead, it is very much alive and growing stronger to take its place at the head of metaldom - as it should be.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 8.5
Production: 7
Originality: 8
Overall: 8

Rating: 8.0 out of 10