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Never To Dawn

Malta Country of Origin: Malta

1. Elapsed In The Vortex Of Extinction
2. Lament Of A Sordid God
3. Where Hours Etch Their Name
4. Perished Into Inexistence
6. Dead Silence
7. Towards An Abducted Sun
8. Descent Into Sanguinary Seas
9. The Ancient Acumen

Review by Maciek on February 18, 2013.

Another strong position from 2012 in Death Metal category. This one is somewhere between Scandinavian Death Metal and Technical Death Metal.

First of all it is quite melodic which doesn't strike the listener from the very start, which is mostly thanks to often changes to the tempo. It also reminds a lot of Pestilence and Morgoth, especially when it comes to vocals, but also many riffs remind of once very strong Benelux Death Metal scene. Some reminiscences from Grave also can be heard. My overall feeling of the album is that it's definitely fast and both guitarists and drummer are using quite complex riffing and rhythms. You can travel through many ways of playing Death Metal listening to this album - there are few elements typical to Deicide, some moments remind me of Entombed as well ('Lament Of A Sordid God'), but in the same track you might find even slightly punk-ish rhythms and riffs. The most part remains within the American Death Metal realm. What needs to be pointed out that the vocalist produces very wide range of sounds from his throat (or stomach), which makes this album very interesting. I also like the way how distorted the guitars are here. It makes the album sound nearly as garage release. But knowing that the band exists from 1991 and from skills presented by musicians which are really not far from Bloodbath to me, I can tell that it's been done deliberately. And it definitely sounds good.

The best tracks on the album to me are 'Lament Of A Sordid God', 'Never To Dawn' (probably the most melodic track on the album with great solo) and 'The Ancient Acumen' which is a great choice to close the album.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 10
Atmosphere: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9
Overall: 8

Rating:8.6 out of 10