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Finite Horizon / Crevice

Netherlands Country of Origin: Netherlands

Finite Horizon / Crevice
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Type: EP
Release Date: December 31st, 2008
Label: Self Released
Genre: Atmospheric, Hardcore, Progressive, Sludge

Review by JD on December 21, 2017.

I was intrigued when seeing this album came my way.  This demo styled EP has only two songs on it, each clocking in at a whopping eleven minutes plus in playing time... needless to say that I was more than a little stunned at this format.  I started to think as I dove into study the band that this Netherlands based group seemed to be truly something that would be out of the ordinary.

Upon hearing the EP, I was struck by how different this band really was, making me think  back to the SpineFarm Records artists Sick.  This is a band that is hard to pinpoint into any sort of classification you can come up with.  I hear influences of doom metal running around with hardcore, noise core and even some growling death metal styled vocals and all with what could be explained as an apocalyptic progressiveness to it all. Izah seemed to have gloriously mixed this entire hodgepodge of variety together and come up with something original.

Lumbering explosion seemed to be the way to express the music of this six member band.  It had such a distinctive sound to it, you could coin the phrase avant-garde metal for the way it is delivered with such precision yet still having it be monstrously heavy while still staying accessible in some ways. Izah are these amazing musicians, ones that certainly will raise a few eyebrows as they continue to polish their style even further to punish us with savage heaviness.

I loved the small album just because of the fact that it was very different yet so damned heavy. I can’t say that it would have any commercial appeal in the long run, the world is just not ready for a band quite like this I guess. Just pick up the EP, and make up your own mind up.  I did. 

Rating: 9 out of 10