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Chernobyl Survivor

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

Chernobyl Survivor

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Death, Melodic

Review by JD on April 14, 2018.

Screaming out of the vast explosion of death metal from Quebec Canada scene… comes a band that truly has something that is different and yet still comfortably similar to the normal death metal fare. Interested, yes?  Then let me lay on you melodic death metallers, Blinded By Faith.

This Eastern Canadian four piece play vicious death metal with surprising detail on full melodies that seem to both stick in your head all the while kicking the living hell out of you from the inside it as well. This clearly is not your normal sort of run-of-the- mill death metal band here. Blinded By Faith take their brand of it and offers it up to you at full face value- if you like it, you do and if not… fuck you.  Simple and true.

Like the album’s opener and album name, they masterfully mix amazing melodies with truly barbaric riffs and nasty blast beats to appeal to the hordes of metallers.  Other tracks that are strong are the neck-breaker 'Stranger In The Mirror', not to mention the brutality of 'Bitter Aftertaste' leave no doubt- Quebec death metal is nasty as fuck, and still has more to offer than even the Scandinavian… especially when the band is Blinded By Faith.

Sadly, Blinded By Faith broke up sometime in late 2017… but they leave some of the best melodic and technical and ruthless death metal anywhere. Find this album, along with their back catalog of pure blood soaked melodic death metal… you will not be sorry that you have taken the time to do so. 

Rating: 8 out of 10