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Når Alt Dør

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

Når Alt Dør

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Release Date: 2013
Genre: Black
1. Introduction
2. Incoming
4. Teppefall
5. Kvad Til Mørket
6. Bombehagl
7. Winterstorm
8. Necrocosmos
9. Jerva-Jakob
10. Tal Satan
11. Nattelokk
12. Når Alt Dør

Review by Adam M on September 23, 2013.

Kirkebrann performs raw Black Metal with buzzsaw guitars and raspy vocals. Those who like the truest style of the genre will find some solace with these gritty sonicscapes. However, I find the entire affair to be generic and one-dimensional sounding.

There is some passionate performing here, but it’s very unconvincing and not very interesting throughout. This is unfortunately more akin to Darkthrone than Dissection and there isn’t enough melody within the tracks to be enraptured by the material. The songwriting is decent enough, but there aren’t enough moments that really raise the pulse. People that are more akin to the raw Black Metal might be able to find more substance than what I have here. The music is by no means bad, it’s alright, but when compared to my favorite Black Metal recordings it’s in a different league altogether.

Purists of the Black Metal genre are ultimately the ones that enjoy this album, so I’ll leave it to them to be the judge on the material here. Some good music is found on "Nar Alt Dor", but it’s generally so underwhelming that you won’t be excited by anything overall. This is recommended to only the most diehard of pure Black Metal fans.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 6
Atmosphere: 5
Production: 5.5
Originality: 6
Overall: 5.5

Rating: 5.6 out of 10