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Monaco Country of Origin: Monaco

1. Nothing Is Sacred
2. Wailing
3. At Dusk
4. When All Hope Is Gone
5. Dust To Dust
6. For My Days Are Vanity
7. Wisdom
8. I Am A Stranger In The Earth
9. Deliverance

Review by Michael on September 25, 2001.

Well after listening to this one, it sounds like it just might get a look in! Ex-Black Metaller’s Godkiller have really taken lyrics to a new level with their latest release "Deliverance". Every lyric on the album is a quote out of the now not so Holy Bible, shedding a much darker and more sinister light on words originally intended to be soft and fluffy. In taking the words out of context, Duke (vocals and founder) has created a whole new meaning and direction that would surely have Pope John Paul II turning in his grave......well he looks dead!

From their Black Metal origins, "Deliverance" is a far cry musically. Dropping the traditional Black Metal sound and moving for a more modern technology-driven industrial sound but at the same time maintaining all the anti-religious sentiment that was always present, Godkiller have created an all together new package for the religiously discontent.

This album is very sample and keyboard heavy, giving a real technological feel to the generally simple but solid guitar riffing equating to a high level of head-band-ability. The only real qualm I have with this recording is the lack of variation in the guitars. A lot of effort has been put into getting the right keyboard sounds and lines, but I feel these are let down by the “didn’t we just hear that?” style guitar lines. Vocally, this album is all clean style vocals, not a scream for miles, which certainly adds a new element to the equation. The pain and suffering covered lyrically comes across in a very different way when it is not screamed, leaving with you with a all together different take on the serious subject matter covered. Production wise this album is also very good, geez...what isn't these days?

Bottom Line: If you are into Industrial Metal then you will surely enjoy this album. If not for the lack of flare in the guitar lines this album would have definitely rated much higher.

Rating: 7 out of 10