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Italy Country of Origin: Italy

1. Stoneface Legacy
3. Adolf Yeti
4. Beaumont, Tx
5. Jumbo Squid
6. Marilyn Monrhoid
7. Chupacobra
9. Alaska Pipeline
10. Voodoo Autopsy
11. The Sky Has No Limits

Review by JD on November 22, 2013.

A band named after a Great White Shark’s scientific name… Carcharodon (Greek)… cool if you ask me. I wonder exactly what this Italian-based three piece might be holding I the way of metal for me. I found myself hoping that this act was not some cheaply veiled attempt at imitating the 80’s band Great White. I hope, like the shark, it had some bite to it all. I ended up hearing something else.

Carcharodon is describing their own music as Macho Metal, in fact, they seem to be more akin to Stoner Metal with heavy leanings towards the Heavy Rock of the latter 70’s with some dashes of Classic and Doom added in for some filler. It seems all to be sort of retro styling here that is gaining in popularity, but retro does not always means that it is good.

From the first song to the very last Carcharodon seems to be trying to be good… uh, NOT!! Poor musicianship, lousy recording and not to mention lyrics that are more laughable than a Pee Wee Herman comeback as a Death Metal singer - this was bad. I think people in comas could write a better collection of music here. With a bassist that only knows one note and beat to the singer that should never have sung any note, it is clear that this band is really bad.

I think this band needs something…hmmm… ah, yes – to disband. Hope that they do, and will l leave the making of metal to professionals that have some form of talent. If Italy has McDonalds, they need to find their jobs there and give their equipment to those who can use them wisely. Paper hats and handing out fries are where they need to be.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 1
Atmosphere: 1
Production: 0
Originality: 1
Overall: 1

Rating: 0.8 out of 10