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Dedicated To The Flesh

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

Dedicated To The Flesh
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 28th, 2013
Genre: Death
1. Meat Freak
3. Catacomb
4. Zombie Flesh Cult
5. Mutilator
6. Nuclear Outbreak
7. Hellmaster
8. Carving For Brains
9. Swarm Of Zombies
10. Legions Of Doom
11. World Cremation
12. Tomb Of The Hungry Dead

Review by Felix on January 16, 2021.

Unmistakable death metal. The cover? Not my cup of tea. The lyrics? Gore, splatter, horror, do not waste your time with studying. Focus yourself on the music and feel satisfied, that even a group who offers absolutely nothing new can demand your whole concentration.

Not every song on this album has the potential to stand the test of time. But the massive sound, powered by the wall of guitars in combination with the forceful voice, gives a good frame to each tune. So how do Facebreaker vary their pieces of flesh? They use every pace - and that's it. From the rapid 'Carving for Brains' to the bubbling 'Zombie Flesh Cult' you can find every classical death metal tempo. Blastbeats? No access.

Facebreaker did not make the wide spread mistake to start this album with the best track and end it with the worst. 'Tomb of the Hungry Dead', the final flesh attack, is very near to Bolt Thrower, especially at the beginning, where they generate a tension you may know from the typical Bolt Thrower song structures. But it is no rip-off, on the contrary, it is a homage. Memorable riffing, double-bass and mid-tempo. In conclusion, there will be no need for Facebreaker to take place in the second or third row, if they are able to create more songs like this one.

There are more tracks to mention due to their high entertainment factor. You will not be able to forget the sluggish opener 'Meat Freak' after listening to it for the first time. The stressed riffing and the predominant chorus will leave you no choice. The riffing on 'Dedicated to the Flesh' is excellent too, before the brute 'Catacomb' explodes, being the first speed orgy on this album. Afterwards 'Zombie Flesh Cult' retards the album with a fantastic morbid melody. Of course, melody is relative...

Maybe Facebreaker should not have recorded eleven but only eight or nine songs. If they would have passed on the "right" songs, those that sound a little bit idealess and convertible like 'Mutilator' or 'Hellmaster', this album could have reached about 90%. Nonetheless, this recording entertains in the typical way of death metal. And that is the main thing, because we still need Swedish death metal bands - especially after the sad split-up of Vomitory.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10