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War In Heaven

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. Cross Meant Death
3. Prometeus
5. Four Demons Of Apocalypse
6. Onslaught (Power From Hell) (Oslaught Cover)
7. Bloody Emperor
8. Evil Machine
9. Die Hard (Venom Cover)

Review by JD on June 25, 2017.

The country of Poland always is a very great starting point for finding some excellent and highly original versions of extreme metal.  It seems the country is a breeding ground for some of metal’s more over-the-top music, and I am sure the metal world is glad for that.  

Evil Machine is a brutal four piece band out of the North Eastern Polish city of Białystok. Playing an acidic mix of balls-out thrash and brutal death metal while incorporating some hallmarks of basic metal as well… the music the band spits out its late 80’s and early 90’s inspired extreme at its acid laced best. Tight musicianship, aggressive lyrics blending with earth breaking heaviness equals success for all of us.

With ten songs offered, it’s a smorgasbord of cranial cracking aggression. Songs like the mid paced slobber-knocker, When Demons Call to the aggression fuelled Jerusodoma… the word here is ruthlessness metal!  With strong lyrics anchoring everything, it is the sound, power and brilliance of the music that drives every riff and beat deep into your inner cortex.  Each riff is based in all of their influences, and is not a bad thing… but keeps listening and you discover how new and fresh they bring it out to us the metal fans.  Simply put, Evil Machine is unique as hell and yet still very much familiar as fuck.

The entire album ebbs and flows like many albums I grew up with, War In Heaven may not be a concept album or the songs somehow link together in the traditional way…the ten songs basically really does flow musically into one with seamlessly ease in creating an album that is listenable and very enjoyable from intro to the final track.  Evil Machine has made me feel and hear an album that I have waited to since creating a album was art as well.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10