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Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum

France Country of Origin: France

1. Obombration
2. The Shrine Of Mad Laughter
3. Bread Of Bitterness
4. The Repellent Scars Of Abandon And Election
5. A Chore For The Lost
6. Obombration

Review by Alex Grindor on July 12, 2021.

I'll try my best to summarize the impossible, ravaging chaos that this album as a whole is.

So, after years of listening to death metal, I decided to search for something new, something that actually caught my attention and never let go of me. Something unpredictable, that sounded impossible. And then I was blessed with the discovery of Gorguts' third album "Obscura". Since then, a whole new world has been shown to me, the world of chaotic, dissonant, yet meticulous guitarwork.

But not even that would prepare me for the beast that this album is.

I remember finding Deathspell Omega years ago on this same website. And after the aforementioned discovery, I remembered this band and realized that, much like Gorguts (and coincidentally, in the third album as well), they had changed their style to "Avant-garde black metal". My curiosity led me to listen to the first work in their metaphysical trilogy Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice. I have to admit that, while the album is a significant improvement, in both guitarwork and sound, it still felt like they could go even beyond that.

So then I decided to listen to this album, which for many fans of this band represents the greatest achievement in both the band's career and in black metal in general.

Beginning (and ending) with the track 'Obombration' (which, as another reviewer cited, is an invented word derived from the term "Obumbrare", which means "to overshadow"), this album will be the most jarring, hellish, chaotic and apocalyptic 46 minutes of your life. 'Obombration', with its doomy, sinister riff that repeats to the very end it’s just a preparation to a hurricane of madness.

And then, the following track comes, and from there on, you cannot turn back.

Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum is the most terrifying, abrasive album I have heard in my life. The maniacal speed, the impossible riffs, the first line delivered by vocalist Mikko Aspa in 'The Shrine Of Mad Laughter' is enough to describe this album. You'll have no breathing room, no moment to relax, no time to try and discern what the fuck are they playing. Just pure, unfathomable chaos.

This rollercoaster of insanity will continue with barely any rest for your ears. Every track, despite being mostly ravaging dissonance at work, has its own identity. Some starting slower only to go maniacal in mere moments, others starting with a jazzy-like clean guitar and others featuring different vocal harmonies amidst the chaos. Curiously, some tracks feature weird guitar solos, buried under the crushing wall of noise of their respective tracks. And then, as the album reaches its end, a dreadful piano plays, while some kind of orchestral sound accompanies Aspa's final lines, only to all of them to go in complete silence.

And so it ends, and you can finally catch your breath, relax, and think about what you just heard.

The pit from where Hasjarl summons his riffs is bottomless, if what he plays can even be considered to be "riffs". The bass, while having some shining moments, is mostly buried under this crushing wall of sound. Mikko Aspa, the vocalist and the only band member whose identity is known, delivers a mostly growled vocal style throughout the album than the high-pitched vocals commonly known in black metal (if this can be called black metal) & the drummer, whoever it is, is downright inhuman in its execution, keeping up blast-beats for what seems like an eternity while delivering fills every time possible.

If there a reason why I say that the first line said by Mikko Aspa in 'Shrine...' describes this album it’s because this album is terrifying, from start to finish. There shall be no rest for you as long as you listen to this in its entirety. It requires plenty of listens to understand most of the action taking place, but the feeling of dread, hopelessness and despair remain as intact as the first time you listened to it.

And aside from describing the album perfectly, it can very well summarize how insignificant most black metal bands feel when compared to Deathspell Omega.

God of Terror
Very low dost Thou bring us
Very low hast Thou brought us.

Rating: 10 out of 10