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Salvation By Fire

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

Salvation By Fire

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Release Date: 2001
Genre: Classic, Heavy, Power
1. The Burning Point
2. Under The Dying Sun
3. Lake Of Fire
4. Fall Of Thy Kingdom
5. Higher
6. Black Star
7. Stealer Of Light
8. The One
9. Signs Of Danger
10. Salvation By Fire

Review by Jack on November 13, 2001.

Power metal was the sort of metal genre many used to shun away from in the past years. It was always deemed a bit poofy and not really hard enough for the ‘real men’ to sink their teeth into. I was one of those ‘real men’ and I used to shy away from it too. With bands like Burning Point and their impressive debut “Salvation by Fire”, I can proudly sink my teeth into this ‘hard as nails’ band and feel good about myself.

Hailing from Finland and siting influences such as Accept, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath. Burning Point are deemed classical power metal, they have the normal power metal influences and the traditional heavy metal from the likes of Accept and I can certainly hear a lot of Iron Maiden here too.

One of the best attributes about Burning Point’s debut is the great vocals of Pete Ahonen, none of the normal fairy vocals here lads and lasses. Pure man vocals only. While only a four member band, they couldn’t resist chucking in a keyboard player to keep the power metal junkies happy. Pasi Hiltula from Eternal Tears of Sorrow, another well know Finnish band assists and helps Burning Point maintain their elevation above other traditional heavy metal/power metal bands.

There is a lot to like about Burning Point. One of the major drawing cards is that there is absolutely no stinker tracks here. The majority of tunes utilise a few catchy guitar riffs and consistent drumming and then chop and change between alternating guitar and synthesizer solos, creating some solid and pseudo metal anthems, complete with choir vocals.

My only gripe with Burning Point, is that its not that radically different from other power metal bands who incorporate the classic heavy metal of yesteryear with the artistry of power metal of today. This does not detract from “Salvation by Fire” at all, but will merely see it more than likely passed over by countless of consumers who will see and buy similar releases by other power metal bands. This is shame, because Burning Point are classy musicians who play classy metal.

The standout track for me is the awesome ‘Fall of Thy Kingdom’, which is not really that much musically different from the rest of “Salvation by Fire” but does contain one of the best choruses I’ve ever heard in a power metal song.

Bottom Line: Solid power metal fused with classic heavy metal in the vein of Iron Maiden and other ‘classic’ bands. Great vocals and damn fine choir sections make “Salvation by Fire” a winner in my book.

Rating: 7 out of 10