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United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

1. The Remaining Few
2. Jormungandr
4. The Great Darkness
5. Battlelines
6. Wyrgþu
7. The Storm
8. The Name Of The Wind

Review by Adam M on March 28, 2014.

The emotion put forth by this black metal band is outstanding. The harshness of the music is countered by a calm folk element which greatly helps the band. The density of the riffs is nice and creates an all-encompassing aura.

The album would appear to be a raw black metal album at first glance, but it clearly contains melody and symphonic aspects as well. This makes for an album that needs to be checked beyond the initial listen for intricacies. There are many moments that catch your attention with a black metal feel that is very distinct. The melodies almost make them fall into the same category as something like Woods Of Ypres, but the music here is undeniably more diabolic than that. The raspy vocals also take them away from being a completely melodramatic band. This is music that fans of black metal should find very appealing. There is enough heaviness combined with a nihilistic aspect to make fans of the early Mayhem stuff, for example, drawn towards the music here.

As the listen goes on, it becomes clear the band has many movements and riffs to beckon you into their grasp. This isn’t music for the lighthearted and fans of Immortal will only find portions of the overall attack here strong. Fans of folk and dense black metal will find the song “First Light” right up their alley. The guitar riffs become more open to debate upon when further listens are given. Though it’s not really difficult, the music here is catchy and deep enough to capture a lot of people’s attention. The comparisons here don’t really do justice to the album because it is really a one of a kind listen. Anticipate more fulfillment with further listens with Curse.

Rating: 8 out of 10