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United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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Type: Live
Release Date: 1998
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Classic, Doom, Heavy, Rock
1. War Pigs
2. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
3. N.I.B.
4. Fairies Wear Boots
5. Electric Funeral
6. Sweet Leaf
7. Spiral Architect
8. Into The Void
9. Snowblind
10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
11. Orchid/Lord Of This World
12. Dirty Women
13. Black Sabbath
14. Iron Man
15. Children Of The Grave
16. Paranoid
17. Psycho Man
18. Selling My Soul

Review by Michael on February 15, 2002.

I think there are only a handful of truly memorable moments in the world of Heavy Metal, and Black SabbathReunion is definitely one of those. The greatest metal band of all time reuniting after a 17 year absence from the stage to play and record a massive show in their home town of Birmingham, England.

Not too much has changed since they last played together. As a matter of fact it sounds like nothing has changed at all down to the band members actually playing the exact same instruments, getting sounds you just do not hear these days. Ozzy is still just as excitable as ever constantly shouting his trade mark “We fucking love you all!!!” and the ever present “Lets go fucking crazy!!!”... he certainly still rocks hard for an old codger.

The only thing that is quite noticeably different is poor old Ozzy’s vocal range has deteriorated slightly. Its probably most noticeable on track 1 of the second CD. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath just doesn’t have the same punch anymore, but that really does not taint the CD much at all, we really should all be very happy and content with the fact that Ozzy can still move and sing at all after the most interesting life he has had so far... even if he does have trouble remembering the lyrics to his own songs, as a monitor can be seen in some of the live pictures displaying the words of the songs in a karaoke fashion for poor old Ozzy to sing along to.

For the lifelong (Ozzy fronted) Black Sabbath fans out there (myself included), this CD is a godsend. All the greatest tracks together, performed flawlessly in a brilliantly presented 2 disc pack with a 28 page color booklet containing extensive liner notes and full of rare photo’s.

The sound quality is everything you would expect from a live recording of a band of this caliber. Everything is clear and the mix is exactly how it was done 20 years ago. They have captured the feeling and vibe of the original Black Sabbath perfectly, creating a brilliant old school experience.

Bottom Line: This is a must for any Black Sabbath fans the world over. If you have any knowledge of metal at already have this album.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Originality: 10
Musicianship: 8
Atmosphere: 10
Production: 9
Overall: 9

Rating: 9.2 out of 10