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Isle De Morts / Cold Winter Moon

Australia Country of Origin: Australia

Isle De Morts / Cold Winter Moon
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Type: Compilation
Release Date: 2003
Label: Finsternis Productions
Genre: Ambient, Black
1. Intro
2. Through The Veils Of Darkness
3. Descending From A Blackened Sky
4. Holding The Throne Of Night
5. The Day For My Kingdom To Rule
6. The Cold Slumber That Awaits Me
7. Return Of The Dark Lord
8. Landscapes Of Mist Casts Across The Steel Of Cold
9. In Darkness...
10. Mist
11. Misanthropic Isolation
12. Journey Through Night's Fog
13. Path To The Gate Of Beliar
14. Dark Veil Of Death
15. Under A Bloodred Sky
16. Cold Winter Moon
17. Van Diemens Land
18. Intro
19. My Journey Through The Hills And Paddocks