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Controlled Elite

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Controlled Elite
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: November 27th, 2012
Genre: Death
1. Bloodties
2. Body Colonizers
3. Soiled
4. Set In Stone
5. Controlled Elite
6. Immorally Reborn
7. His Burden
8. Root Of Evil
9. None Shall Remain
10. Man Vs. Man
11. Condemned

Review by Death8699 on October 31, 2019.

All I can say in one word is: BRUTAL! Well, much more than just that, but it's my contention in full summary of this 11 track/40+ minute death metal frenzy. Solid production quality along with crunch tone guitars and tempos that fluctuate somewhat rapidly. However, I'd say that their guitar riffs are thick as well as original sounding. The good production makes use of these heavy palm muted axe's strings and solos that are blistering. Definitely a good investment though I can't really relate that well with the lyrical concepts, but that's alright, the music is what counts to me.

What you'll hear aside from what I have described already are all sorts of heavy guitar and deep throat vocals plus a modicum of blast beating. I'm glad that this album is more than just like that of Kataklysm (not to discount them) in blasting because what I heard is that they are pretty much to the front man of Cardiac Arrest "slam stuff." On Controlled Elite, Dehumanized doesn't offer anything that is superbly original, but they do have good ideas in terms of how they formulate their music. The vocals most of the time are just deep throat like Glen Benton on "Insineratehymn". Kind of in the vein of that sound if you own that album.

I'm not certain what these guys have in store for their future, but on here what I heard is definitely quality. They are not a rip off band or boring in any way. They are a band that you can listen to especially this release and just totally get into if you're in the mood of hearing some thick death metal. The drums aren't too overpowering, and the double bass doesn't sound augmented by too much technology like some bands are doing now. They seem pretty well done and well in tune with the whole of the guitar work. Definitely a good job there.

Some chaos yes, some high-end screams, but like I said, most of it is deep throat. This band is a 5-piece and let it be known the band members as follows including their place in the band: George Torres - drums, Anthony Cossu - bass, Michael Centrone - vocals, Rich Nagasawa - guitars and Paul Tavara - guitars. Both guitarists show tremendous talent in the lead department and the music that they created here certainly kicks some serious butt. I would say for a 2012 release; this album definitely shines in all departments. I especially respect the fact that most songs range between 2 and 1/2-7+ minutes in length.

If you are big into death metal with innovation in the guitar department or just want to hear something that's brutal if you're not a guitar player, but are big into metal, Controlled Elite is definitely an album that I truly respect immensely. Their concept here it seems to just focus mostly on brutality. The blast beats are there yes, but not extensively. Tons of double bass kicks to augment the music and make it sound even more mind blowing. What a great album and if you're not convinced after you hear this respecting death metal, something is wrong with you! Pick this one up ASAP!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10