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It All Ends In Pain

Luxembourg Country of Origin: Luxembourg

It All Ends In Pain
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 19th, 2014
Label: Self Released
Genre: Death
1. The Womb
2. Never Wanted
3. My Best Friend
4. I See Death In Your Eyes
5. Love
6. Dr. Lecter's Passion
7. Enemy
8. Mutuality
10. Blood Covered Down
11. Inferno
12. I Don't Know
13. Stalker
14. The Fallen Hero
15. Death In Common

Review by JD on August 9, 2014.

Luxembourg is beginning to shine in the metal world like a polished diamond. Bands like the incredible Sleepers Guilt and Scarred are just two that this tiny nation has blessed us all with some very impressive metal. Death metallers Heaven’s Scum are another band from this small European country to stake their claim in the world of metal.

With an interesting and very eclectic mixing of genres these four guys were surprising me at every turn. Death metal and progressive elements meld well, while slower Pantera styled groove and markers of thrash seem to flow in between them effortlessly. Yhey even created a part of a crazy little ballad intro that is oddly pretty and touching, before it devolves into something that is beyond sick and heavy.

The ballad called "Love" is a sick and twisted fare that is enjoyable as well as head banging inducing, after the slowness stops and the guitar battering commences. More death metal like "Never Wanted" and "Enemy" are thick, pounding and proudly true to the genre. They do it so well, despite being so badly recorded. Tinny and thin sounding throughout the CD, whoever recorded them did not do a good job of it - thankfully the bands talent shone through enough that we can all see it.

A very good producer, who knows metal in all of its amazing styles, and an attitude of sticking to their guns, will make Heaven’s Scum a shining dark horse in the metallic world. They have the talent to be that special band who blows your doors off, they just need to put the final crucial pieces in the right order and eliminate the ones who are holding them back. It is then, they hold their destiny in their grasp.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10