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United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Satan Spawn The Caco-Daemon
2. Dead But Dreaming
3. Repent To Die
4. Trifixion
5. Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
6. Holy Deception
7. In Hell I Burn
8. Revocate The Agitator

Review by Death8699 on December 1, 2018.

Probably the best Deicide release ever. Legion is captivating with it's energy, with it's evil, with Glen Benton's vocal outbursts, with it's technicality in songwriting and creativity. This is one album that you can never get sick of no matter how many times that you play it. It doesn't fall short on any aspect. The Hoffman brothers shine on the rhythm/lead guitars and Steve is putting forth a solid spot behind the drum set. All musicians put forth their best effort and this album is without errors from any aspects. Simply amazing.

The music is pure death metal oriented with anti-Christian lyrics that fit along with the guitars. Both guitarists constructed some riffs that were truly unbelievably awesome on every aspect. The rhythms are heavy palm muted chords and notes that are hyper fast and technical. They're in standard guitar tuning on this one and it fit perfectly with the music. All songs deserve praise because they're so amazing, technical and demonic. Everything from a death metal oriented release that can't possibly go wrong, Legion tops it all. Some of my favorite tracks are "Trifixion" "Holy Deception" and "Revocate The Agitator". Glen spews forth another demonic effort like their debut, though their debut he sounded possessed. I'd say that the guitars are the best feature to this release. No Deicide album can replicate such songs with originality and precision. They all fit together perfectly and the leads are high quality and fast as all hell. After this album, the band got a bit lazy from a songwriting standpoint. Glen's lyrics feature one of the most Satanic ones that are pretty much like their debut. Better songwriting then their debut though. Legion has everything that is needed from a death metal band. It's mixing, production and sound quality are top notch. You can hear all of the instruments and vocals didn't drown out the music. They pretty much augmented it. There were some backup screams and spoken words on "Trifixion". But for the most part, Glen's vocals are still low, demonic and scream oriented. He's a true lunatic of God's creation.

If you're looking for the proper death metal to pick up that's a sheer classic, Legion is it. Nothing falls short here. No laziness in the songwriting. The musicians put forth their best, most technical and killing music ever heard. If you don't have this release, you're definitely missing out because Legion is Deicide at it's best and most skilled. High quality, fast, furious and evil. This album captures it all. Nothing in Deicide's discography can top this one, not even their craziest debut release. Pick it up ASAP if you haven't already. Get ready for some amazingly Satanic death metal!

Rating: 10 out of 10