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This Global Hive Part Two

Australia Country of Origin: Australia

This Global Hive Part Two

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2014
Label: Self Released
Genre: Progressive
1. Show Me Oblivion
2. The Guiding Lie
4. Hate Remembers / Love Forgot
5. Empty Shell
6. Through The Lens
7. Manifest My Obsession
8. An Architects Farewell
9. To Be King

Review by JD on August 16, 2014.

Australia has a very eclectic metal scene, making us realize that it has more to offer us than just AC/DC and Airborne – way more. I have heard many incredible bands that simply made me get right into the down under scene a whole lot more.

Mechanical Organic is a band hailing from Melbourne Australia, and are packing some pretty interesting metal for the world. Giving us a very peculiar combination of Dream Theatre, Fates Warning, Queensryche, Black Label Society and Black Sabbath while melding in free jazz and even a touch of industrial in places. It is unique as fucking hell what this band develops.

The whole album oozes with this glorious pairing of chaotic talent and wondrous musicianship that seems to push the envelope of what they do to a new level and dimension. Songs line the very atmospheric haunting strains of "The Guiding Lie" to the mid-tempo nasty riffing that is the song "To Be King". I personally love "Empty Shell", but all of them seem to show just how powerful this band is.

Prog fans will love this album, but the fact is, you should never under estimate the heaviness and power which will attract many bangers as well. Mechanical Organic may not be the so called ‘norm’ here and for this old musician - that is the best news. They are a band trying to stand out and because they metaphorically stand alone in a large open field… mission fuckin’ accomplished, guys.

Rating: 9