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Joker Business II

France Country of Origin: France

Joker Business II
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Type: EP
Release Date: 2014
Label: Independent
Genre: Heavy
1. Twenty Thousand Leagues
2. Awake
3. Joker Business (2014 Version)

Review by JD on June 24, 2014.

As a musician for so many years, progressive metal always gets my creative juices flowing. Dream Theatre, Queensryche and Epica are just some of the bands I like. I love it because of the melding of amazing melodies into some nasty metal that is so incredible. Think of in the way like having some free all dressed pizzas with cheap beer whenever you want… a match made in heaven.

Hailing from France, this four piece band is very young - and hungry as hell, as they come to stake their claim in the metal landscape. Playing intelligent prog metal that reminds me of older Queensryche and showing that they have serious chops - delicately melodic while still heavy and brooding.

With only three songs given, this EP seems to be well rounded – and yet I find myself wanting the band to do things a little differently. The musicality is literally mind-blowing, as is the way it was put all together. Vocals are where it goes a little south for me. Singer Ego (ironic name choice) has a pretty good voice, but lacks the range and power for his band’s ways. It might be the recording, or his age – but he seems a few steps behind in what he can do. I like it, but in time – me thinks he just might grow into it.

We have a very promising release from a band that is growing fast. Once Mr. Ego’s voice matches up with the band – Queensryche just may have a band to contend with, because of the immense talent they have. I look forward to the next album Gaiden releases, and to see just how good that might be.

Rating: 9 out of 10