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The Jugglernaut

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The Jugglernaut

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 20th, 2014
Label: Guitarmanic Records
Genre: Death, Technical
1. Of Juggler, Viper And Crown
2. Ubermachine (The Eugenics)
3. Solar Grave. Classified
4. Engineers Of Discord
5. Turn The Irreversible
6. Embedded Heredity (Perinde Ac Cadaver)
7. Endless Circle Of Samsara

Review by Arek on December 12, 2014.

I like to immerse myself in the sounds of death metal. Many say that as a genre death metal is completely burned out and to those blasphemers Redemptor answers with a definite - NO!! I refer all doubters to The Jugglernaut. 9 tracks lasting mere 38 minutes. It is perhaps the best ratio of number of songs to the running time as even multiple listens to the album not only won’t cause fatigue but rather encourage to the next feast. Technical death metal is often difficult to take in but not this time. Individual skills of the musicians did not disturb the melodies, the style and the aggressiveness in which Redemptor decided to introduce their little beast. Although this is only second full length album of the band the maturity, ingeniousness and sound confirms the craftsmanship of musicians.

Slogan advertising this album says "technical death metal for the fans of Necrophagist and Decapitated" but I would add Death and Atheist to break brutality of Necrophagist and aggressiveness of Decapitated with melodies and progressiveness of older colleagues. I have to confirm that Redemptor walks the path of the above mentioned but they’re not their carbon copy. Although many listeners of The Jugglernaut will find scattered hints of those and other bands in the mix, the authenticity and peculiarities of this quintet are not possible to negate. Let’s us get to the music now because it’s the most important thing here.

The Jugglernaut launches with a cool introduction done by combining classical music with death metal. Cords of the piano, as from the rehearsal room, enrich the strings and then move into a fierce guitar drive. The first installment of The Jugglernaut shows its death metal claw and technical performances of guitarists insert the flavor. Next, “Ubermachine” with a truly thrashing introduction and progressive main theme turns us into the music of the album. “Solar Grave. Classified” is just another swift death metal kick in the gut but even more twisted, and the chorus??!!...what a dish!! "Engineers of Discord" is like a bottomless well full of ideas, from the initial riffs through heavy metal solos, vocal lines to a slowing everything down interlude. The grinding start of “Turn The Irreversible” should invite all the speed freaks and downright beautiful guitar/drum soundscape with Xaay’s whispers will satisfy all adversaries. “Embedded Heredity…” is a complete opposite. Quiet beginning invites a technical death metal pounding. However, it is in this composition that a little too hidden double base is the most apparent, which slightly distorts the savoring of this opus magnum. Description of the next two consecutive tracks could take twice as much of what has been written here so I’m gonna limit myself to a personal confession that these are two of my favorites-starlets. However, draw away from divulging of The Jugglernaut from these pieces because it would destroy the whole framework of this concept album created by musicians. I believe that the path set by this great quintet excellently draws up emotions waking up more coils of neurons in listeners brain, so option any other than the one that Redemptor proposes would disturb this process. Ending – “Infinite Liberation” is an instrumental, showcasing technical prowess, with jazzy undertones like those from the repertoire of the late Death or Atheist. Bravo!! The value that consumption of The Jugglernaut carries is beyond dispute and second to none. There is neither God nor Devil in it but it is a considerable musical feast.

I already know that this album will be in my Top Ten of 2014, just do not know the position of it yet. Authors of this musical opus are Daniel Kesler and Michal “Xaay” Loranc. The latter of the two is also responsible for the lyrics. Hubert Wiecek (guitar), Piotr Tokarz (bass) and Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (drums) complete the rest of the team. I believe it is necessary to mention the participation of Arek “Malta” Malczewski at this point who dealt with mixing and mastered the album. I encourage you to acquire the official publication because amount of heart that Xaay put in into the graphics and lyrical layer completes this visual-musical gem making The Jugglernaut a masterpiece (Xaay is also known from his work with Decapitated, Necrophagist, Behemoth and Nile among many others). Worth every penny!!

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Rating: 9.5 out of 10