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Serbia Country of Origin: Serbia

2. Košmar
3. Crno Zrno
4. Dani Crni
5. Lov Na Veštice
6. Sunovrat
7. Nekroza
8. Mrak
9. Pesimizam
10. Predgroblje

Review by Arek on February 27, 2015.

13 years of hard work under the banner of The Stone (and in the name of the devil) was awarded with the seventh full length album-Nekroza. This is the second publishing from Folter Rec. this year already that reached my claws and I have to say that German Publisher does not need to be ashamed of it. Those five Serbs poured out ten tarry black metal compositions. Horned one rules out there on that one with slight death metal inflections or sounds rather.

All of it comes with very good realization, where instruments sound selectively and at the same time very coherent to a point where you can highlight any instrument and devour its sound. I will admit that black metal is not exactly my daily bread and butter and I'm not an expert by any means, but when an album is so good and worthy of interest, it would be a sin to omit it. One of the most uncommon things on the album is the fact that lyrics are executed in Serbian. English language has dominated metal music and one must admit that it fits in this genre best. However, you do not need to be concerned about quality of Nefas’s vocals because they don’t sound outdated nor are they funny, they rather evidently add a tinge of originality and mystery. The album is quite diverse where fast pace pieces are cut with slow breakdowns and colored with interesting melodies that intensify diabolical atmosphere. It results in ability to listen to it many times and discover new aspects of the album. It is difficult to me to choose the so-called gems on this album since pretty much on every song you can find something that makes it interesting and highlighting it from the rest.

I believe that Nekroza served by The Stone is obligatory article for the entire horde of black metal maniacs, and as for the remaining m/maniacs with an open mind, I encourage you to delve into it as the album carries the quality needed and makes a difference.

Rating: 9 out of 10