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At War With Reality

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

Review by Adam M on November 10, 2014.

After having waited for 19 years for this album, it comes as no surprise that there is some anticipation on my part for At War With Reality. This is really just the logical continuation from Slaughter of the Soul, but with a slightly more conceptual feel. The album is a welcome relief because it harnesses a great deal of melody that the otherwise quality new The Haunted album is lacking. Sure, the songs are somewhat straightforward, but there are more than enough interesting segues in compelling directions on the album to break up the standard riffing that is mostly excellent anyways.

But what comes as more welcome is that this album is probably more weighted towards the end than the beginning. Some of my favourite tracks on the album like The Head of the Hydra and Eater of the Gods will surprise you towards the end of At War With Reality. A nice production perfectly complements the juxtaposition between power and melody. There is a fault that the album could be more adventurous, but this album is still far more exciting than some are making it out to be. The guitar work is a highlight, but I’m more than thrilled with the performance put forth by Thomas Lindberg. Modern production really makes his wonderful acid tone a prominent element of the disc and people should try to appreciate his style before coming to conclusions with their opinion on the album.

At War With Reality is an album made for fans of a more modern style, so it will probably appeal to those that love Slaughter of the Soul and Terminal Spirit Disease from their discography the most. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since getting a hold of it, so be prepared to become addicted all over again.

Rating: 9 out of 10