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Bastards Of Death

Ireland Country of Origin: Ireland

Bastards Of Death
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 2nd, 2014
Label: Independent
Genre: Brutal, Death
1. "...Thermal Incineration..."
2. Murdered By The Millions
3. "...The UN Has Declared A Global State Of Emergency..."
4. Robot Bastard
5. Bastards Of Death
6. "...Confirmed Sightings Of Several Large Machines..."
7. Mangled Bodies Of The Children
8. "...Lawlessness Reigns In The Wake Of The Machine Attacks..."
9. Brain Driller
10. "...This Unstoppable Mechanical Madness That Slaughters Us Indiscriminately..."
11. Pig Wizard
12. Vadge Of The Ogre
13. Genital Mutilator Rampage
14. "...the Streets Are Littered With Dead Bodies..."
15. Hunchbacks, Dogs, Priests & Whores
16. Dark Lords Of Doom
17. "...Imminent Demise In The Face Of Certain Painful Death..."
19. "..."

Review by JD on January 2, 2015.

I have to admit, I am not up to date on the metal scene in Ireland but now getting a death metal band Ogre from Dublin onto my desk for review, I need to see what other metal comes from the Emerald Isles. But first I need to deal with Ogre and see just what I have gotten.

Ogre is a veteran band, started back in 1990, and took a thirteen year hiatus in 2000… and that might have been a clue to what lay ahead. With Lo-Fi production and massive amounts of sampling the band seems to be trying to be as different as possible from others in death metal, but failed miserably in the attempt they gave.

With nine songs and many samples, it seems Ogre was overreaching to the point that the album became bloated and had no cohesiveness. From bad production, predictable riffs that are way too simple and flat to vocals that sound like the cookie monster throwing up – it never gets any better throughout the playing of the disk. I have heard simplified death metal that is powerful and musically explosive but this record sounds like a cheap amateurish attempt from musicians that are lower than average.

My advice to the metal masses is to go pick up Chuck Schuldiners works and the whole Death discography, and leave Ogre to die hopefully a painful death. This album is not in any way a good death metal, or any other type of metal, it might be good for scraping ice off of your windshield on a colds winters night, but not for much else. Avoid and forget I even reviewed it. That album was a waste of time. That is the truth.

Rating: 1 out of 10