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The Singularity

United States Country of Origin: United States

The Singularity

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: January 20th, 2014
Label: Independent
Genre: Death, Industrial
1. Slaves Of Saviours
3. Oblivious
4. They Live We Sleep
5. Pattern Recognizer
6. Keyhole Patrol
7. Neurolink Fragmenter
8. Cognitive Dissonance
9. Machinery Of The Mind
10. Nerve Circuit Betrayer
11. Synthetic Sentient
12. Alien Foundry
13. Special Access Project 323

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Review by JD on November 18, 2014.

I have been reviewing a plethora of differently styled prog metal lately, and it seems that the scene is making amazing strides to become not only accepted – but becoming great to musicians who are expanding the music many times over. One such act is two-member US based prog/death metal specialists, Merging with Machines.

There is little in the way of information on Merging with Machines anywhere on the net, not even on their own rather sparsely made site along with their other band project called Aenigmata (my only lead went nowhere very fast). Be kind while I slog through this the best I can. The strong music and musical ethic is worth letting me go through this.

Quirky yet heavy with an eclectic edge that adds a certain mystique to everything they do Merging with Machines is a project that is pretty unusual. I was shocked at the sheer brutal power the band had, while they were still able to keep that certain high standard of musicianship that any prog band out there would offer out but some of it did not come across. As soon as the near comical death metal vocals exploded out and soured the music in one fell swoop. When the vocals left, the music made up for the Cookie Monster with copious amounts phlegm instantly.

I loved the music end of things as it was more than just brilliant, but the over the top death vocals obliterated the music - did little for the music and even took away from everything. I am torn here, as the music blew my mind yet vocals made me not want to listen. I will give an honest rating – and you will judge it on your own merits as well. I just can’t get over the music paired together with vocals that does not fit or do anything to coexist.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10