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There Will Be Violence

United States Country of Origin: United States

There Will Be Violence
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: July 20th, 2010
Genre: Brutal, Death, Deathcore
1. Hell Breaks Loose
3. Orphans
4. Peace Illusion
5. The Great Fear
6. Walking Through Fire
7. Love Has Risen
8. The Son Is Mine
9. Children Of Wrath
10. Sweating Blood

Review by Maverick on February 4, 2024.

Given the fact that Impending Doom is a Christian band, I can honestly admit that even though I am Christian myself, that I am not being biased against Impending Doom. I think Impending Doom offers us a pretty predictable deathcore album filled with some horrifically boring mallcore moments. What you find here is a collection of a plainly watered-down deathcore music with some atrocious musical disasters.

This album begins with the track "Hell Breaks Loose," which sets forth a positive impression. However the continuation of this album is anticlimactic and boring, "There Will Be Violence" begins pretty catchy unfortunately the first few lyrics is kind of ... disastrous, I mean what the hell is this? " and hatred flow through my throat, with this microphone in my hand." With this microphone in your hand? Really? Is that it? Oh wow, I'm so scared. Seriously guys, that's too horrific to even be considered lyrics.

However as I was keeping an open mind, "Orphans" was catchy for a few seconds round in the middle of the song, besides that I found myself completely bored busy counting my toes without any desire to headbang or mosh. The lyrics were kind of cool, but then I realized that it didn't actually make sense. As I continued, the rest of the entirety of this album was filled with Job For A Cowboy meets Slipknot tracks like "Peace Illusion" which sounded like combining Psychosocial from Slipknot and adding some Job For A Cowboy there, and some Whitechapel if I am being honest." "The Great Fear" and "Walking Through Fire" has interesting moments, but for the most part - it's terrible. It was just a bunch of blastbeats, breakdowns, with a few guitar riffs and a monotone vox.

The only other song which I feel was decent was "Love Has Risen," which I would assume is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ as the Christian God's personal expression of love to mankind, then again this was an instrumental track but it earned them some points. The entirety of this album isn't necessarily bad, but it definitely is boring, completely and utterly monotonous. If you like Job For A Cowboy or Whitechapel, then by all means -- listen to this. However, if you want your mind to be blown away, there's nothing to see here.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10