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Inevitable Decay

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

Inevitable Decay
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: September 20th, 2011
Genre: Thrash
1. As Dawn Breaks
2. Debt Of Sorrow
3. Portrait Of A Phobia
4. Into Oblivion
5. Doubt What's Left
6. Blind Illusion
7. Crossing The River
8. Where Only Ruins Remain

Review by Death8699 on May 25, 2019.

This thrash metal outfit was formed in 2005 reigning from Sweden featuring Fredrik Pellbrink on vocals/guitar, Hannes Lindkvist also on guitars, Joel E. Sundin on bass and Joel Gustafsson on drums. I wasn't very impressed with this band because of its lousy production and overall sound quality. The main guitars/leads are heard well, but the drums were very flat, and the bass audible negligibly. It takes away from this thrash metal outfit's promising characteristics.

The vocals were quite annoying featuring screaming mostly and without too much vigor. The guitars overall produced quality thrash metal bringing about decent riff structures that vary ranging from tremolo picked bits with tempos pretty fast, but because of the production they sounded once again very muddled. There were bits of chords and well-constructed leads. Overall, the guitars resemble early Slayer in some instances. But the vocals ruin the excellence of the axes.

Musically the band is up there in good ranks they just have to put in more money to pay for a better production sound. I enjoyed the guitars the most, but the bass was barely heard, and the vocals once again destroyed the creative guitar riffs. If they had someone else besides Fredrik putting out his screaming voice and put in a higher quality vocalist, then this release would've received a better rating from me. The drums also were lacking due to the production weakness.

This album clocks in about 39 minutes in length featuring one instrumental song. The musicians have great promise if they can get themselves recorded better than the riffs would've been more enjoyable to listen to. When a band decides to put together a good solid debut, it's very likely since Entrench is new among the thrash metal world it's hard to make a production that sounds professionally done. Hopefully the band realizes this and puts out a production sound that is better than sounding like a garage recording.

This band has a load of potential as a quality thrash metal outfit if they have better mixing, better vocals, a bass and drum backing up solid guitar work. Musically, the riffs are pretty original sounding, which is a good thing. There really aren't many songs though that really stick to the brain because of the quality of the sound itself, as mentioned many times in this text. I'm cautious to say run right out and buy this album because it's one that needs to be examined more carefully.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10