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Assassins Of The Pentagram

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Assassins Of The Pentagram

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: May 30th, 2014
Genre: Black, Thrash
1. Return Of The Usurper
2. Sacrificial Lust
3. Hordes Of The Goat Kult
5. Fullmoon Procession
6. Black Speed Thunder
7. Possession Of Witchery
8. Devil's Soldiers (Destruction Cover)
9. Walpurgisnacht
10. Assassins Of The Pentagram

Review by JD on November 26, 2015.

I love old school black metal, to me its thrash with a thicker bass recording and evil sounding vocals and not done completely Lo-Fi. Venom was that way, and then some, and then Germany’s Obsessör come out to do all of that modernized to a point while holding the mightiness of the original sounds.

Taking their cues from early black metal in the 80’s, this German four piece (down to three at the moment) throw it down with a thundering array of dizzying riffs, a wall of pummeling drums and with vocals that seem to be coming from hell itself. It all seems classic in a new styled way and it is a good amount of old and new.

Clocking in at a pulse pounding thirty six minutes, it’s a bit like the old punk albums of the 80’s, short and straight to the point. One can guess this band learned this, and used it to literally batter us with thrashy goodness. I pick "Sacrificial Lust" and "Devil’s Soldiers" as the outstanding tracks. Like the rest of the album, the power comes from how it was recorded – straddling the line between full on production and old school Lo-Fi. It just brings the crunch out without over sanitizing it too much, with is pure genius.

There are a few glitches scattered throughout the album but nothing that ends up hampering the power Obsessör has going for it. It is a solid release of a traditional black metal with only a few updates to how it was delivered. This album is clearly for fans of the original style of black metal that spawned out of the thrash movement.

Frankly, this is better than the BM of today since melody does not mean weak, and this album proves it.

Rating: 9 out of 10