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Endless Procession Of Souls

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. Dystopia
2. Amongst Marble And The Dead
3. Disembodied Steps
4. Flesh Epistle
6. Winds Of Chains
7. Encountering The Divine
9. Plague Of Nations
10. Epos

Review by Death8699 on October 12, 2018.

Entirely immaculate performance by these Swedish death metal gods. From Burial Ground to this, this one far exceeds its predecessor. The similar production, but better and less raw. However, they don't reach quite intense tempos, they just play their form of death metal in a notorious fashion. Definitely something you want to hear before you try their newest release. I'd have to say that they're highly underrated. As I've stated in previous reviews, Grave is a band that not only thwarts you to the pits of hell, they really live up to their name. A very fresh release here and quite impressive as I've stated. These guys know how to play killer death metal with a Swedish twist to it.

This release clocks in at about 45 minutes in length. I could never get sick of this one. It's too superbly played and depressing. Their music is grim and dark, but noteworthy and intriguing. The guitar riffs are memorable and the production quality is a step up here. They really kick ass with this release. They don't seem to let up and the death metal just flows. Everything on here depicts greatness, I think that they really understand their direction with each succeeding release. It's just better and better. Dark and melancholic but devastating and good.

I liked all the tracks on here from start to finish. I'm not much into their lyrical concepts as not many people are, just the music is what takes awesome form. It's really sick and at times very slow and straightforward. Their music is just in a nutshell totally dark and raw. But when you hear how everything is played, you'll hear the Swedish influenced sound. Maybe like their first one. When I listen to older Grave albums except Into the Grave I've seen how far they've come in the metal scene.  But now that they've stepped up their production and sound, I'd say much improved.

I think I've painted a pretty good picture as to what to expect here in death metal via a Swedish sound. So give it a shot, see how you like it. I'd say keep an open mind to their music and the atmosphere that they bring to the picture. Play this out till you move onto the next, as you'll be pleased as to what comes out of your speakers.

Rating: 10 out of 10