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Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. The Heart Of The Last Kingdom
2. Storming The Mausoleum
3. The Undeification
4. Fire In The Minds Of Men
5. Insignia Of Illumination
6. Ritual Warfare
7. The Eyeless Spectator
9. Lóthlorien (Bo Hansson Cover)
10. Deny Salvation (Wolf-Like Dogs)
11. Embracing The Vultures
12. As The Monolith Comes Alive

Review by JD on October 27, 2015.

It is an indicator of an albums clout who you have on it - especially when the person you have in your line up is Daniel Ekeroth. This might be something rather special. This man has written some of the most definitive books on the Swedish death metal scene, as well as being a major player in the DM community and a respected bassist as well. So how does his bands latest release match up to his cred?

Ordained from Usurpress is an album chalked full of elements derived out of the DM mould. Adding into the nasty death sound that comes with very brutal yet frantic drum attacks, they bring into it some doom, sludge and even a bit of crust elements to fuel the music and add in a color that brings the band above the norm. Some say there is a D-Beat component, I here very little, which is good.

With almost some hardcore punk overtones, the album pounds out adrenaline fueled riffs that are as melodic as they are heavy. I love the doomier parts of songs like "Storming the Mausoleum" has, then the neckbreaker assaults like "The Eyeless Spectator" simply knock me off my chair. And they have things that are between those two and that is a sign of a band comfortable with themselves, making music for themselves and Usurpress is just that.

This is a great album coming from a very talented band, one that people should never overlook when looking for something good to have a listen to. Considering I listen to little of death metal now, it has brought me back to listening to more of it and reminding me of all the amazing bands all over again. Usurpress has impressed me to the core. Mr. Ekeroth has delivered one killer album, which exceeds the death metal mound and simply has elevated it… as if there had been any doubt… NAH!

Rating: 9 out of 10