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Redaction Artifacts

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Solving The Corresponding Problem
2. I'm Always Fighting Drago
4. The Fractal Canopy
5. Arbiters Meet
6. Third-Person Camera
7. Excessive Camera
8. The Methuselah Tree
9. A Negligible Senescence
10. Redaction Artifacts
11. Noir Filter

Review by Adam M on March 3, 2015.

East of the Wall is a band that is difficult to categorize because they combine post metal, progressive metal and metalcore into one big melting pot. There is an energetic combination of all of the above at all times and it leads to a constantly varied and exciting mixture. There are plenty of contrasts in heaviness levels and shifts in momentum to be found here.

This band has had plenty of practice from previous albums as well as from the excellent Terraforming album by The Postman Syndrome. This album is also highly comparable to that top-notch release and perhaps even something like Thrice in its use of vocals. Hardcore shouts mix with gentle singing in the most seamless of fashions. Though they may take some time to adapt to, the vocals are certainly a strong point on the album. No matter what tangent the band embarks upon, the musicians are able to match each moment with the appropriate mood. The use of atmosphere can be seen on the diverse Third-Person Camera. This type of music is a breath of fresh air because there isn’t a lot of metal or rock music that sounds exactly like it. East of the Wall crafts music that is always fresh and exciting. The problems with the disc become apparent when compared directly to The Postman Syndrome’s opus. This album is neither as focused or as memorable as that album, so there is definitely room for improvement here. A little bit of work might be required to make some of the sections gel more. There are a few moments that feel out of place here and there.

Still, since East of the Wall perform such a unique form of music overall, this is only nit picking. Mostly compelling and ambitious, Redaction Artifacts represents a strong effort of genre mixing.

8 out of 10