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Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden


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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Black, Death
1. Taste Of Black
2. Dreams Shall Flesh
3. Act Of Rebellion
4. Shadowseeds
5. Mourningsoul
6. Helfire
7. Cult Of Blood
8. Roots Of Heldrasill
9. Blood Anthem
10. Among The Storms

Review by Denis on December 26, 2002.

Today, just like every other weekday I was on my way to work and since I hadn't take my usual caffeine dose, I was essentially the walking dead. I went into the building, took the wrong door and felt down... down into a giant spider web. Without any delay, this ugly looking arachnid monster went to greet me with a sadistic smile. Pointing toward the broken window, I was forced to look at the sun, admiring the beautiful effect of rays passing through the web. Then all of a sudden, with its powerful mandible, it cut clear my left arm. In great pain and fear, blinded by my own stream of blood, I turned to beat the beast but too late since off came my right arm. The creature seemed to take pleasure in my pain, if it had a visible mouth I am sure I would have been able to see it smirk. In an eerie screech the spider doubled in size as it reared up on its hind legs and then in one foul swipe of its front legs... my legs were no more. Blood oozed from my gaping wounds, causing me to nearly pass out in shock. Welcome to the world of "Bloodhyms".

What's the matter with me? I just got inspired by this new album from Necrophobic. After a successful line of releases with Black Mark but being unhappy with them, they signed with Hammerheart Records and it turned out a pretty satisfying deal, since soon after they started to write material for their first offering with the new label.

"Bloodhyms" is for sure a pretty scary and heavy opus! Top-notch extreme black/death metal with excellent musicians that bring everything to the limit and everybody in hell! Are fast, metered, melodic, aggressive, with lots of guitar riffs and ferocious vocals all how you like your metal? Well, you can't find a better band than Necrophobic to satisfy your demanding taste. These Swedish are masters of their art and their professionalism bleeds throughout the vampiric compositions available here. Even if you're not a fanatic of extreme metal, you can only appreciate and discover what made this band so popular. I specially enjoyed the last two numbers and the extreme metalists would simply go nuts on pieces like: 'Dreams Shall Flesh', 'Act of Rebellion', 'Cult of Blood'.

Bottom Line: Please note that "Bloodhyms" is intended to be played loud. Do you hear what I'm saying? No! Good! You got the point.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 8.5
Originality: 8
Production: 8
Overall: 8.5

Rating: 8.4 out of 10