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Freedom Conspiracy

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Drain
2. Sound Of Blue
3. Foundation Chaos
4. Crystal Madonna
5. Shards
6. Time Out Black Out
7. Timeless Spirit
8. Freedom Conspiracy
9. Dirt Floor
10. Heavy Heart
11. Forever Gone
12. Invisible Bullets
13. The Great Destroyer

Review by Adam M on April 4, 2015.

This is an interesting collaboration between Scott Weinrich and Conny Ochs that shows off some catchy song-writing skills. Despite being stripped down, the nature of this recording is that it has enough of a constant emotional outpouring to make a huge impact.

The music on this album is not too far from the efforts of Neurosis members Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till. It is certainly the type of music that suits a relaxed mood quite well. The format of the music is such that it is so subtle that it leaves an empty feeling at times, even though at others it is very moving. The lack of a percussion section means that the music is almost overly sparse at times. This is not a problem I’ve had with only this album, however, as the Neurosis side-projects leave a similar feeling of wanting more at times as well.

Despite thinking that some of the other music of Scott Wino is more powerful in nature, there is as much of an element of passion to be found here as anywhere else. The songs ooze the type of care that singer-songwriters like Neil Young incorporate on a regular basis. Despite the amount of emotion prominence, Freedom Conspiracy lacks some punch in the delivery department, which is mildly disappointing. Still, the atmosphere of the album complements a person that might be in a serene state of mind. Also, the accompanying vocals are usually of a high quality effort. Like Alice in ChainsJar of Flies album, this is an effective outlet for a more subtle type of music, but like that band one could seek out other heavier material for an even higher quality experience. There is certainly that type of music to be found in Scott Wino’s other classic project Saint Vitus, for example.

7.5 out of 10