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Rise To Conquer

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Rise To Conquer
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: May 14th, 2015
Label: Guitarmanic Records
Genre: Death, Technical
1. Intro
2. Rise To Conquer
3. Sulphur Taste
4. Syndrome 52'
5. Neurasthenic
6. State Of Mental War
7. Nec Mortale Sonans
8. Screaming Source Of Extinction
9. Designed By Distortion
10. In The Ashes Shall Be Seen
11. Outro

Review by Arek on July 18, 2015.

Here's another side of Polish technical death metal style originated in Krakow. The material for Rise To Conquer dates back to 2008. After the recording and mixing in IX Studio it had to mellow out for 4 years to see the light of the day, but just as with good wine, the flavor remained intact. This album however, has one serious drawback – it awakens the desire but gives no hope. The band broke up in 2008, and members moved off into the world so chances of reactivation are slim but as the wise man once said "hope dies last".

The album gained all tangible dimensions through GuitarManic Records, and if it comes to the apocalyptic cover art none other than fellow Michal "Xaay" Loranc is held responsible. 11 songs on the album treat us with about 43 minutes of technical death metal. Authors and creators are: Peter Dzik and Jacek Brzozowski-vocals, Konrad Rossa and Daniel Kesler-guitars., Dawid Rutkowski-bass, Adam Pieczarkowski-drums. "State Of Mental War" music was created by Mateusz Niedzwiecki, as for the rest Michal "VX" Kopeć – added all keys & synth, and Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka-added solo in "In The Ashes Shall Be Seen”

Dark "Intro" fitting the atmosphere of the cover opens this Opus Magnum. The title song "Rise To Conquer" sizzles with energy. It kinda reminds me of earlier works by Decapitated, but solos by Konrad and Daniel are making all the difference. "Sulphur Taste" is a death metal crusher. That one is a piece of work that’s twisted to the max, full of tempo changes and going from grind-based thumpers to atmospheric depressions. "Syndrome 52'" slows things down a bit to bring a little breather. "Neurasthenic" begins with the medium pace roll and goes into death metal thumping but the solo in the middle of the song is a veritable Redemptor poetry, and I suspect it’s Daniel’s work. "State Of Mental War" is war march concluded in medium pace, then acceleration occurs in "Nec Mortale Sonans" and goes through "Screaming Source Of ..." and "Designed By Distortion". Apogee of death metal destruction occurs in “In The Ashes Shall ... “ It's probably my favorite piece. Vogg enriched this one with his solo and hats off to him for that! After forty minute carnage "Outro" brings a rest in agony.

I suppose Sothoth’s delivery of death metal is not world changing, but how poorer it would have been if the album stayed where it was at those 4 years. I can totally recommend this item for fans of Decapitated, Gorguts, Necropsy, etc. A round of applause for the performance and thanks for the inner strength that has made me enjoy the sounds of Rise To Conquer.

Rating: 8 out of 10