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Australia Country of Origin: Australia

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: November 21st, 2014
Genre: Power, Progressive
1. Dawn Brings No Mercy
4. My Contender Lies
5. Sorrow's Sacrifice
6. Crystal Tears
7. Machine
8. Red Sky
9. The Final Stand
10. Hideaway
11. Memoria's Longing

Review by JD on July 17, 2015.

I have been waiting to review this album from a band I got to like only after seeing one video by accident. Australian prog/power metallers Divine Ascension blew me away, after I saw the video for the incredible song "Answers", and then heard their album after that (As The Truth Appears)… now I get their newest album, and I can’t wait to hear it.

Led by the dynamic vocals of Jennifer Borg, and powered by an incredible line up of talented musicians (Luke Wenczel-Drums, Karl Szulik-Guitars (lead), Robert Inglis-Guitars (rhythm), David Van Pelt-(Keyboards), Jason Meracis- (Bass)), they come from the land down under to offer up a serving of pure metal. Mixing progressive metal with power and a small bit of other styles, Divine Ascension literally is as formulation for what will become the metal of today.

Listening to songs like the Queensryche styled "Sorrow’s Sacrifice" with its simple melody that leads into a gripping hook that keeps the riff in your head long after the song has died off- to the explosive power metal rocker "Dawn Brings No Mercy"- the band is ready to take the world by force, and they do seem as if they have both the earth shattering amount of talent and the balls-to-the-wall drive to do it.

These Aussies have it all, including an original yet still familiar sound that soothes this old headbanger’s heart. Divine Ascension is one of those acts that if given a few small breaks, and perhaps a spot on a tour with a major act that spans the globe, they would reach the brass ring no doubt about it. Even if the band never got an opening slot, just a couple of breaks will propel them into being the band they are striving to be… the best.

Rating: 9 out of 10