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The Divination Of Antiquity

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

1. The Divination Of Antiquity
2. Whisper Of The Elements
3. Warrior Herd
4. A Careworn Heart
5. Foundations Of Ash
6. The World Ahead
7. Over Borderlands
8. Forsaken In Stone

Review by Adam M on July 24, 2015.

This is music that is raw and has folk elements blended in. The overall aesthetic is close to a combination between Drudkh and Agalloch. Though the music is somewhat derivative, it is nonetheless powerful and gripping. This is music for the atmospheric metal fan as can be seen with the number of dynamics the band applies. The underlying problem with Winterfylleth is that their music can be a little raw. This is overcome with the use of folk elements, however.

The overall sound of this band can also be likened to Fen because the mid-range mood is similar to what is achieved by that band. Like many folk acts the normal songs are interspersed with acoustic interludes. The normal songs themselves are driven along by repetitive drum patterns and grandiose guitar riffs. Again, much like Fen or Drudkh, the guitars combine epic and dark mood contrasts to fit in appropriately within the context of the album. The overall effect is an overwhelming one as the listener becomes enveloped by the atmospheric guitars. I was thinking that this album could still use more of the uplifting moody nature that Primordial brings to the table. The music is exciting, but sounds a bit stale and could use a lift in the amount of colour used. Rather than sticking to a monotone palette, the band could expand into different dimensions of sound. Despite having acoustic elements intertwined, it still feels like this band needs to expand with more variation.

Still, with the solid production in tow, The Divination of Antiquity is still an improvement over previous material from this band. This is because Winterfylleth has grasped the thick sound of the guitar riffs it uses and made those stand strong above the rest of the music. If the outfit added different types of vocals and ironed out the small items I’ve previously mentioned, they should be a strong folk music contender in the future.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10