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Blossoming Decay

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Blossoming Decay
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 28th, 2015
Genre: Death, Grind, Thrash
1. Trail Of Perturbation
2. Burning
3. 1132
4. Replant And Repress
5. Hostile End - Hollow Life
6. Cascade Of Scars
7. Another Night Sleeping In The Cold
8. Graining Enamel
9. Blossoming Of The Web

Review by Adam M on July 30, 2015.

Noisem performs a violent and aggressive style of music. The manner they play is characterized largely by the gradient of quickness involved. There is a mixture of hardcore and thrash to be found with this release.

The overriding style is certainly the hardcore one which permeates every pore of Blossoming Decay. However, the Slayer style of thrash is still present at times. This can be seen highly in the wired solos which are largely reminiscent of what that thrash act is capable of portraying. The other side of the album is the death metal side and this can be seen through the aggression that is displayed by Noisem. Things come bursting out of the gate on this release, with the opener Trail of Perturbation grabbing your attention. However, there are some negatives on display with this album. The band is a bit rough by nature and not able to capture the crispness of the greatest works of Slayer. This is largely because of the focus the band puts on the hardcore side of their sound, however. Noisem is still able to make enough of an impact with their fiery sound. The aggressive approach doesn’t overstay its welcome, however. This is a brief and to the point listening experience. On the next album, I would like to see the band expand upon the length of this release. Just as the listener is starting to get used to the riffs on the album, it seems to come to an end.

The experience is similar to the recent Fulgora album, but this album is actually longer by five minutes and contains less powerful production. The metal fans that love grind will be pleased with Blossoming Decay, but most other fans might be left wanting more.

Rating: 7 out of 10