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Testimony Of The Abominable

Spain Country of Origin: Spain

1. Under Two Horns
2. Tenebrous Apparitions
3. Hochmah Nistarah
4. Transmutatio
7. Inframundi

Review by JD on October 26, 2015.

I had heard the name Balmog for a while and knew they were from Spain… and that was it for what I knew. What the band was about I never knew or had a clue but do I know who and what they are now. YEP!

With so much licence being taken by so many bands, it is hard to say what black metal is now. Avant-garde, atmospheric and industrial is now the mainstay in the BM scene, which pisses me off. I believe that people, like me, want old school, in your face BM. Balmog delivers this like a two by four to the head directly to the fucking point without any question.

Seven blasphemous, blast beat fueled and satanic growled songs are here. Lo-fi mixed with traditional 90’s BM fury... you got Balmog. No subtleties, no ambiance just forty two minutes of black metal maelstrom in your mind. Want proof? Just listen to the song "Flesh Offering" and you will see a proud sonata to Satan set to cranium cracking metal that makes neighbors run and hide.

If you don’t want some 90’s BM go search elsewhere… if you want old school blast beats and flesh ripping riffs to go with your satanic words just pickup Balmog. Satan urges you.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10