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Gateway To The Antisphere

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Review by Arek on December 13, 2015.

Gateway To The Antisphere is a second album by three mysterious Germans from Northern Westphalia (T.-git,bas, M.-voc D.-dr). I do not really like to compare bands to one another, but while listening to this death metal album I couldn’t resist the temptation. For my not-so-young and musically overworked ear they sound a little like Behemoth but without their black metal tail, and they’re well seasoned with a more than a handful of influences from bands like Immolation and Morbid Angel. If my comparisons will make you look away I’d like to remind you that they are only my subjective feelings and yours may be completely different.

I encourage you with all my heart (if I even have one \m/)! to check out this mixture of Lovecraft and death metal. The strength of each metalhead must be his individualism and freedom of mind so get busy and start testing, checking and evaluating! Debut album Swallowed By The Ocean's Tide indicated already that this German trio can inevitably create a stir in the metal underworld but Gateway To The Antisphere moved in with a swift kick or sharp hitting elbow and destroyed the myth that death metal dies. It is true that the multitude of different bands in this genre bores with mundane and go around in circles but it is precisely albums such as this one that are making all the difference. It reminds us that good and own ideas although played in a vein of classics mentioned before will defend themselves. Concept of originality will not matter because as most of the musicians claim whatever there was to be played out has been played out already. The most important thing is to be sincere in creation and to bring joy to ear and soul of not only the creator but also at least a few more people. I am well convinced that this is the case with this album. Honesty of this album proves consequence and dynamic progress and I suspect that there are a lot of fans of this album out there. I am one certainly of them and I go through these 52 minutes of German death metal in its entirety. I will not attempt to identify the best pieces on this album, because in my opinion, best possible way to enjoy this work is from the first to the last second.

Ola Larsson was once again responsible for the graphic design of the cover and booklet and his vision of mythical Cthulhu accompanies musical layers beautifully. Ole’s images invite to delve into this musical horror produced by Simon Werner from the very beginning. He also deserves a word of recognition because uniqueness of Sulphur Aeon’s second albums sound kills you dead. This material will most certainly be in my top ten this year, and I would like to invite you to look at and listen to death metal vision of Lovecraftian mythology made by Sulphur Aeon.

Rating: 9 out of 10