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Forgive Yourself

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Forgive Yourself

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: August 21st, 2015
Genre: Rock, Shoegaze, Sludge
1. Cowards
2. Slow Dancing To This Bitter Earth
3. Levitate The Pentagon
4. Blood Relative
5. I Wish You'd Never Gone To School
6. Canary
7. Telegraphing
8. You are The Stars
9. Away

Review by Adam M on November 17, 2015.

Here is a rock record that makes an undeniable impact. There is a post-rock vibe to Forgive Yourself, which adds to the overall diversity of the music. The feeling presented on the album makes its way through each track here.

The songs all glisten with energy and drive. The bass unusually plays a large part to the songs to give them the appropriate rhythm. See the first song, Cowards, as an example that shows off the bass prominence. This music recalls the likes of In Solitude, but has an even further stretched arm into the rock genre. This leads to an album that has undercurrents of metal music, despite not being entirely of that genre. The inability to put a concrete label on the band allows them to achieve a more varied tone, certainly. The vocals on this album are in the forefront with the evil sort of vibe that Glen Danzig brings to the table. The music is often more colorful than the dreary vocals, but both of these aspects meld together quite well. Musically, there is an ethereal atmosphere to the tracks that is very moody throughout. The album does sound a little bit doomy in addition to being heavily post in nature. The overall aura of the album is somewhat dreamy. The songs all have at least a good deal of atmosphere to them. This is what elevates this above a typical rock album. Although Publicist UK labels themselves as punk, I believe this album is simply a really good rock effort. There are many standout moments on the disc. I Wish I’d Never Gone to School has a heavy post flavour and is one of many great moments to be found. The immediate next track Canary is also strong.

This album is a strong effort of rock that has enough variation to make it appealing to heavy metal listeners. Make sure you give Forgive Yourself the attention it deserves.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10