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Eternity Of Nothingness

United States Country of Origin: United States

Eternity Of Nothingness
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015
Label: Independent
Genre: Death

Review by Tomek on January 18, 2016.

I remember getting Ditheist first album many years ago. It was at the metal concert, I was walking out and I was really surprised that someone standing at the door was just giving away free cd’s to random people. It was Konrad (thanks much for keeping in touch dude! \m/) and he is also the one responsible for getting me their newest creation called Eternity Of Nothingness. I had to dig out their first album from the box to listen to it again since I haven’t heard it in such a long time, and of course to give myself some frame of reference before writing some words about the new one.

Their EP Seduction Of Demons came out in 2008 and it was what you can expect from a young band back then. It was furious, passionate, sounded more like a demo and it was way too short for something that good. I have no information about what was happening with Ditheist since then but I have a full length in my hands so they have not been sitting on their butts doing next to nothing all this time. 8 songs in 25 minutes may seem like not that much to some, but with this album it feels just right.

Ditheist are not trying to sell something they don’t believe in. Death metal that they serve here is very primordial and aggressive but has all the elements to stay catchy at the same time. Achieved by vocal line, guitar riff or crushing breakdown they bash us with all the good stuff that death metal has to offer, and are doing it sounding awesomely old school. There are dense drumming passages with some blasting going on, there’s thrashing in the midst of death song, there’s vocals staying on guttural side but still understandable with addition of some shrieks and screams and there’s bass guitar rumbling viciously up front, there’s even some short distorted soloing. Old school death metal in its pure form just like it was done in the beginning. Only thing to bitch about a little bit would be the length of the album and some minor production problems but that’s about it.

Eternity Of Nothingness will not top charts or break records but the sincerity and passion it possesses is very real and all in all I don’t think those guys even think about such things. They play and record what’s in their hearts and play it to people that will appreciate the effort they put into getting the record out. There are things to work on and stuff to be done better in the future of course but I would like everybody to check out Ditheist albums nonetheless because – if you think about it - most of the bands we adore today or albums we go back to begun pretty much that way.

Rating: 7 out of 10