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Spain Country of Origin: Spain

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 19th, 2015
Genre: Death
1. Toward The Mass Grave
3. Pulsar
4. Tongues Of Shiva
5. Fallen Moai
6. Echoes From Bhopal
7. Predicament Of Mankind
8. Solaris
9. Contagium Vivum Fluidum
10. Idols

Review by Tomek on March 7, 2016.

With all the music promos going through my hands sometimes there is this moment when I hear something good, something that strikes all the right chords - but even though I want to go back to it and give it more time, it simply doesn’t happen for one reason or another. Such was the case with Spaniards from Neter. I’ve listened to the first album a time or two, liked it, but never got around to find out more about those guys. It seems things spun in full circle because I’m holding their second album in my hands right now, this time around although, I’m giving those guys all the attention they deserve.

After quite a few initial spins, taking a break to check out their first album and then going back to it, I hear that they decided to stick to their formula of crushing sound reinforced with mechanical thumping and omnipresent groove. Don’t fix something if it ain’t broke recipe says and it really works in this case I must say. Not sure how that combination will do for the rest of the population but it does the trick for me. All instruments have their time to shine and all components are delivered with passion and skill but it’s the rhythm section that (even though may not be the most exciting you’ve ever heard) has this almost trance like pulse that captures one attention and keeps it occupied all the way to the end. I’ve always liked bands that know how to use heaviness and melody without leaning to one side or the other, but to complete that punch without straying from groove is something only few have achieved. This whole combination is wrapped up very nicely with a clear sound, roaring vocal delivery and tireless rhythm section that I’ve mentioned above.

Crushingly pulsating rhythm is a good thing and Neter are masters of their domain obviously but for next release they may need to think a little more about adding some extra components to their songs that would help differentiate and spice them up a little more. Even though I kept waiting for some unusual and maybe a little more inventive things to happen in those songs, except for a few solos scattered throughout the release there isn’t much to tell one song from another. If they’ll figure that one out they’ll be the band to watch out for.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10