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Skull Grinder

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Strung Up And Gutted
2. Skull Grinder
3. Children Of The Filth
4. Sanity Bleeds
5. The Withering Death
7. Return To Dead

Review by Brian on November 28, 2015.

Autopsy is one of the founding fathers of U.S. death metal. Their sophomore album Metal Funeral is the second best death metal album all time only behind Entombed's brilliant debut Left Hand Path. In 1995 after the sub par Shit Fun they split for 15 years, releasing an EP in 2010. After that they've released 3 very good full lengths taking their spot once again at the top of the death metal ladder. A vinyl only EP titled Skull Grinder is set to be released on Black Friday. I am assuming this is a record store day special.

Skull Grinder is Autopsy in all their death metal glory. 7 tracks of slow, fast and mid-paced debauchery only the way Autopsy can do it. Side A starts with "Strung Up and Gutted" a blazer of an opener with Reifert displaying his tremendous screams, growls and groans. Side A's 3 tracks are all amazing and will satisfy any Autopsy fan, with the title track being the stand out on that side, and probably the albums best track. When the turn is made to side B the album slows down the pace. In typical Autopsy fashion they bring out the heaviness with their doom laden brand of death metal. The second side opens with "Sanity Bleeds" which is this strange atmospheric almost intro type of piece. the 2 songs that follow "The Withering Death" and "Waiting for the Screams" are crushing slow tunes that are followed by an instrumental to end the journey.

Autopsy continues to be among the best death metal has to offer. They're one of the few founding fathers, if not the only one left that is still putting out high quality music. In fact with the string of mediocre albums and the last one that was down right bad, Morbid Angel has relinquished their spot at the top of the hill to Autopsy. If Skull Grinder was a full-length, it would most likely find its way into my year end list. I never put EP's in those lists, but I may have to make an exception this year. Regardless, this is a must buy for Autopsy fans and it being only available on vinyl means you get to enjoy it in the best format.

Rating: 9 out of 10