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Razed To The Ground

United States Country of Origin: United States

Razed To The Ground
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: November 13th, 2015
Genre: Hardcore, Metalcore
1. Heart Of Darkness
2. Hours In Chaos
3. Electric Sky
5. Craving
6. Cut My Teeth
7. Red On The Walls
8. Nightcrawler
9. Severed Wing
10. Amurdica A Culture Of Violence

Review by Adam M on November 30, 2015.

Vision of Disorder performs an aggressive style of music that is no holds barred. The music is full of acidity that gives it a certain kind of appeal. It is harsh and abrasive music that fits nicely within the hardcore genre.

Though the vocals aren’t as shouted as some bands in the genre, the amount of spite that emanates from them makes the band an appropriate entry into the genre. The guitar riffs and jagged and hard-hitting. Overall the music conveys a certain amount of hatred that is appropriate for the style of music being played. Despite being full of aggressive glory, the music still manages to be memorable and worthwhile. This is because the song-writing hooks are focused highly upon and put towards the forefront. This can be seen on the track Red on the Walls among several others. The need for an abrasive approach is nicely balanced by this keen use of hooks by the band. There is no note that seems skipped as everything makes an impact. The memorability of the songs can be seen after only a couple of listens. One can sense this when listening to the last track Amurdica A Culture of Violence and being drawn in by the clean vocals at play. There is certainly something that ingrains itself within the brain within these tunes. The combination of clean and harsh vocals is certainly one aspect that is memorable. These words will rise on top of the remainder of the music and create reminders in the brain. Though the album has a harsh flavour, it’s this other melodic aspect that continually makes it an interesting beast. The duality of louds and softs makes a huge impact here.

Fans of hardcore, but also most other fans of metal, will find something to like with Razed to the Ground. Make sure to check out the band's previous album The Curse Remains Cursed as well.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10